Saturday, 14 June 2014

by Nancy E Stein

Lago De Atitlan


This cross sits atop a wall, high above the water line, overlooking Lago de Atitlon below, and several active volcano in the area.

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About Nancy:

Nancy Stein of Nancy E Photography Inc., has a passion for photography and digital art. Her understanding of Landscape Photography is reflected in the portrait images she has created. Having run her own studio for over a decade, Nancy has reemphasized her eye at Landscape and Detail.

The digital art presented all began in the camera prior to moving on to the digital dark room. Nancy mixes up her own combination of layers and effects to create one of a kind art pieces intended for canvas printing.

At the beginning of her photography business, Nancy was touched deeply by a dream she had. In the dream she realized that as she looked through the view finder of her camera, the images were being captured not as man sees them, rather they represented God perspective on the subject. To this day that remains a driving force in her approach to capturing the world and people around her.

Now you can own a piece of her unique and personal vision. Nancy’s online gallery has gone live in May 2013. Please visit often as things are always changing. If you see something you like, please leave a comment beneath the image, or feel free to share the image on your social media spaces.

Summerfield, NC - United States

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