Tuesday 19 January 2016

Palm Sunday


King Of Kings

I first did this painting 4 years ago but let it sit. i recently ran across it and added the halo and played with it some more. It is Palm Sunday with the palms meaning royalty= the Kingship of our Lord Jesus Christ!

My first painting back from all the eye surgeries. palms symbolize royalty, along with the purple background.The crown and cross say it all. Jesus is the king of kings and Lord of all!

Alphqa And Omega

Α  Ω

Celtic Cross

Jesus is the alpha and omega. the first and the last. always with us!

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Mark's Icons - Gallery

Mark Jennings

Just having fun here. Can you find the hidden words?

Lakewood, CA - United States

Wednesday 16 December 2015

Bob Sample - Pks Images

The Universal Cross At Sunrise

''The Universal Cross at Sunrise'' by Bob Sample of Pks Images Photography.

This is a beautiful and surreal photo of the Universal Cross at sunrise.

The arch of the cross is 33 & 1/3rd feet at the base, and is intended to represent all Christian religions.

Psalm 27

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Bob's Gallery Info

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By Bob Sample

Psalm 121


When we visited this sanctuary on the continental divide, we focused at first on the cross and what it represents and then to the beautiful vista view beyond. It truly was a "mountaintop experience".

Open Doorway

Wilmington, NC - United States