Sunday, 22 June 2014

by Dave Luebbert

Durer Concept Crucifixion


Albrecht Durer's etching/drawing was the basis for this digital painting.

Crucifixion Glenn's Concept


This painting has taken me years to finish, and there have been many attempts and versions. This is as close to my vision as I've ever come, thanks to having gotten much better at 3D modeling, rendering, compositing, and digital painting with Corel's Painter program. The concept I first saw in a striking billboard by Glenn, who photographed his hand on a wooden board and Photo-shopped a petri dish with an embryo in it into the hand, representing innocent undeveloped human beings being crucified along with Jesus. I asked Glenn then if I could work on an artistic version of his concept and he said he would be honored if I did. Glenn used his concept to make people think, and I saw how it asked such a strong, stirring question. It wasn't too long after that that Glenn died before his time, a very sad event in many peoples' lives.

Jesus was beaten, whipped, spat on, laughed at, treated like a criminal and crucified brutally and painfully on a cross. Even as He hung there He pleaded to His heavenly Father to "forgive them, they know not what they do." We are all guilty at one time or another of not thinking through our decisions and consequently making others suffer for our actions or inactions. In Glenn's concept I saw a huge question that haunts our global cultures today in relation to how we treat our own humanity, especially the most innocent and defenseless of all ages here represented by human embryos:

Do we know what we do?

Crucifixion Version One Glen Concept


This is a version of the crucifixion. Added to Him is the unborn human in the petre dish, representing what humankind also crucifies: itself - its own culture and future, innocence and those innocents who are without choice given a sentence of death and in some cases becoming subjects of experimentation. The concept was created by a friend of mine who gave me permission to develop into art work. It has seen many versions and iterations, and this is an earlier version.

Awaiting The Call


Digital painting of an Irish cemetery.

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