Sunday, 29 June 2014

by Lawrence Costales

Forgive Them


This is a life size sculpture at a church in Virginia a few miles from Quantico. The original image was shot at high noon and has to much contrast and is only good as a snapshot. I took it as if I was a witness to this event, making sure to exclude any modern landmarks. 5 years later, with my idea as seeing this as a witness at the time of death, I added the lighting effects in Photoshop.

Cross By Window


Visiting a friend who is a painter and sculpture, I always took a walk around his house because there were many textures left over from his work. I found this gem outside his bathroom window in a side patio. The cross was one of his early works. The old grape vines reminded me of the crown of thorns that Christ was forced to wear.

The original work is currently for sale. At the present time, originals are not offered for sale through the Fine Art America secure checkout system. Please contact the artist directly to inquire about purchasing this original by clicking on the picture links below.

About Lawrence:

Mostly self taught, I began to seriously study what makes a good photo by studying great paintings. In 1988 I took some black and white photography classes at Mt. SAC collage, CA but I couldn't wait to take the required classes to get to color, so I went off on my own. My first award-winning photo was a military image of a sunset through camouflaged equipment. My latest travel photographs are from my tour of duty in Kuwait in support of the US Army at Camp Doha and Camp Arifjan. During my one year there, 2003/4, I was also able to travel to Italy and Dubai, UAE. Some of my earlier works have been displayed at the ARCO Towers in Los Angeles, US Embassy in Bogota, Colombia, Galleria Nina Moreno, Tijuana, B.C., the Temecula Art Gallery(TAG), El Encanto, Monterey Park, 2003 and various small shows throughout Southern California. My last show, 'Images from Near and Far', was at the Corona Public Library, 2006, where 32 of my images were displayed. The majority of my Fine Art work is shot with a Mamiya 645 and my Head Shots with a NIKON F4. I have worked with digital images since 1998 when I was in the Marine Corps and use an early AGFA 1.8mp camera. Since I shoot very little film, my Fine Art photos reflect images that have effected me emotionally. I hope you enjoy them and they have a positive effect on you also.

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Lake Elsinore, CA - United States

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