Tuesday, 13 May 2014

by Hazel Holland

Light Shattering Darkness


I painted this impressionistic watercolor a number years ago after having a dream one night of light in the shape of a cross shattering the darkness of the night. Ever since that time the prayer of my heart has been that God's incredible gift of love given to us in Jesus Christ would be like light shattering the darkness around every heart who was ready to receive His grace. 

May the Spirit reveal to you that although our world is but a speck in a universe of billions of galaxies, you are, and forever will be, His first love!

An Icon Of Grace


Five years ago I was compelled to paint this watercolor as the Holy Spirit moved upon my heart to depict the sacrificial love that sent God's Son to the cross. Today I'm compelled again to post this watercolor with this quote from Paul Young that so touched my heart.

"God did not invent the cross, but anticipated it. It was the worst torture device that human beings could ever create, so that is where the Father, Son and Holy Spirit went, to camp inside our losses, the place where we would use this torture device to even kill God. And God says 'Bring it on.' And then He transforms a man-made torture device into a beautiful icon of grace and a monument of compassionate kindness... He took our wrath. He met us at our deepest, darkest places, and embraced us. And now He climbs into our messes and begins to transform us from the inside out."

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