Saturday, 31 May 2014

by David Clode

Bless You Bible Verse Poster


This "Bless You" poster could perhaps be a nice gift to friends and relatives, to spread good will and good cheer.

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About David:

David Clode - Biography.

Since childhood, I have had a passionate interest in nature and art, and have been fortunate to experience some of the best things in nature, while living in South Africa, the U.K., and now in tropical Cairns, Australia.

I have exhibited and sold paintings in numerous galleries in Melbourne and Cairns, and some of my photos and illustrations have been published in magazine articles I have written. My qualifications are mainly in science, and my work mainly in horticulture, naturalist tour guiding and transport. I also do voluntary work researching and inventing cost effective techniques for reforestation, and increasing food production in developing countries. If you are interested in overseas aid, agroforestry, permaculture or gardening, please visit my site, If you are interested in Christian evangelism, please visit my site by c;icling the link <> HERE <>

I hope that my work, paintings, and photos, will be a blessing to as many people as possible, all around the world.

Best wishes and God bless,

David Clode

Cairns, Queensland - Australia

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