Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Images of the Cross by Belinda Threeths

He Will Never Forsake You


This artwork was created as a group. Artistically, computerized designed artwork This artwork is also in various different colors. BT EXPRESSIONS



Artistically, computerized designed Spiritual and Religious artwork created to inspire, motivate and encourage for home, business, cards, etc. Comany: BT EXPRESSIONS


Christ Carrying Our Sins

I Died For You

Crucifixion And Resurrection


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This Artwork is suitable for framing and designed from my 'soul'


As I could recall, I have always had great passion for ART. In fact, as a child my only wish for Christmas was to receive an oil/water paint set. In elementary school during summer vacations, I took extra art classes and photography which included classes on how to develop photos in the dark-room. I also attend classes in high school and became very proficient in painting with charcoal colored crayons.

Unfortunately, I was in a car accident and sustained injuries which caused me to lose enormous flexibility in the right hand wrist movement, thus I did not have the skills or the capability to create artwork that I was accustomed to providing. I thought I would never again be able to use my artistic abilities, that is, until I became interested in computers and started experimenting with different software such as desktop publishing, graphics, photo editing, website design and video application. I soon learned that these different applications enabled me to enjoy again my given artistic gifts. I worked very hard to merge all of my knowledge into comprehensive.

Austell, GA - United States

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