Sunday, 10 August 2014

by Chris Torre

Calgary Hill


As the suffering and tortured Saviour died, the earth quaked and the sky drew dark.



This captures the emotion of worship with music emanating from the cross and being directed toward it.

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I tried to capture the emotion of the cross drawing all people to it. Thus it is red with the fire of passion.

About Chris

Chris Torre is an artist, designer and aerospace engineer from Carpinteria, California. Working mainly in oils and oil pastels, his interests lie in capturing flowers, still-lifes, abstracts and impressions of landscape scenes. He has been painting for over 25 years and has exhibited in many local shows. His work has been regularly seen on the Sunday morning Artwalk in Santa Barbara on Cabrillo Boulevard. I like to bring the texture of the images to life so one will see an emphasis on carving the paint as though it were modeling clay, leaving variegated streaks from the knife and brush marks in the body of it. This enlivens it away from just a two-dimensional image into one that the observer can experience.

Santa Barbara, CA - United States

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