Tuesday, 5 August 2014

by Bruce McLachlan


John As Jesus


John Lennon as Jesus: Give Peace a chance!

About Bruce:

Bruce is a self taught artist of dynamic talent. Known for his vibrant collection of portraiture, classic cars and other subjects within the style of superb realism. His ability to adapt to any style to suit a particular subject, has made him a popular commission artist. Bruce has found enjoyment portraying people within his work and allowing their personalities to show through onto canvas, and has a definite interest in painting the human form on a whole.

With an extensive history of solo exhibits under his belt, Bruce also exhibits in many group shows. He has work currently in many collections both nationally and abroad. Bruce began painting seriously in 2003 following the passing of his mother, this event sparked an embarking of a new journey for him...a journey into the world of art. In his new paintings Bruce explores new creative plains via texture, and discovery, within experimenting new techniques, deconstruction, refining and discarding as the piece develops its own personality. The ever forward evolutionary turns of Bruce's works keep you intrigued about what he will present to us next...and being multi-faceted and multi-talented, we know it's always bound to impress.

Bruce is inspired by many artists of our past, especially NZ artists, the likes of 'Goldie' of course being at the top of the list. But Bruce is always interested in the enlightenment of discovering more and more about modern and post contemporary inspiring artists globally also. He is often drawn to the human form, but his current aim within his career is to start sharing more of the diverse and wonderful facets of himself personally....a very new thing for Bruce. It is an exciting next step in his career as he steps out from behind his easel, and we finally get a peek into 'who Bruce is' as an artist and as an individual.

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Hamilton, Waikato - New Zealand

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